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8 months ago

Want to learn more about what's happening with the lower Klamath Dam removal project? See KRRC's latest newsletter for regulatory updates, project information, and other exciting news!

9 months ago

The Klamath River was once the third largest salmon-producing river on the West Coast. It was the life force of the Native Americans who relied on it for its generous abundance of salmon and trout. ... See more

9 months ago

"The care of rivers is not a question of rivers but of the human heart." -- Shozo Tanaka (anti-pollution activist and often considered Japan’s first conservationist), 1841-1913

If the cause of ... See more

9 months ago

Oregon is getting ready for the salmon to come back home again.

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10 months ago

Billions of seeds. Tens of thousands of oak trees. Staggering numbers of native wildflowers, grasses and culturally significant lomatiums, chokecherries, and elderberries. The thousands of acres of ... See more