KRRC’s primary responsibilities under the terms of the 2016 Amended Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement (KHSA) are to create free-flowing river conditions and volitional fish passage. KRRC will address recreation facilities in compliance with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) conditions in the license surrender order.

KRRC has worked with state and federal agencies, Tribal Nations, whitewater and fishing outfitters and associations, economic development organizations, local residents, and other interested parties to develop a draft Recreation Plan. This includes identifying the need to modify existing facilities within the project boundary in order to connect them to the new river route, as well as identifying sites that could replace existing sites (e.g., reservoir recreation areas) slated for removal following dam decommissioning and could be pursued by successor landowners.

Because KRRC’s role in recreation planning will be driven by FERC’s conditions, and because the states of California and Oregon are the principal successor landowners, the states have taken the lead on recreation planning efforts and serve as the primary contacts for recreation issues. KRRC will continue to assist and play a coordinating role, where appropriate.

KRRC submitted the Recreation Plan to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in December 2022 along with several other management documents.

Potential California Sites

Inquiries regarding potential California sites should be directed to Joe Croteau with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Potential Oregon Sites

Inquiries regarding potential Oregon sites should be directed to Cailin O’Brien-Feeney with the Oregon Office of Outdoor Recreation.

Potential Sites Under Consideration

The recreation facilities below are currently under consideration to replace existing facilities slated for removal.

Potential Site #1: Highway 66 Bridge Crossing

  • Access from Highway 66
  • Modified existing site: Pioneer Park West
  • Suitable for boating, fishing, and informal shoreline recreation
  • Requires earthwork and grading for access, road, and parking
  • New ADA restroom

Potential Site #2: Moonshine Falls

  • Access from Highway 66 and dirt access road
  • Suitable for boating and day use
  • Requires earthwork
  • New ADA restroom

Potential Site #3: Copco Valley

  • Access from Copco Road
  • Suitable for boating, fishing, and passive shoreline recreation
  • Would require extension of Copco Cove access road

Potential Site #4: Copco No. 2 Powerhouse

  • Access from Daggett Road via Copco Road
  • Upstream of existing day use site
  • Existing Fall Creek Day Use Area will be decommissioned
  • Suitable for boating, fishing, day use, and informal shoreline recreation

Potential Site #5: Camp Creek

  • Access from Copco Road
  • Suitable for fishing and passive shoreline recreation
  • Requires trail to river’s edge

Potential Site #6: Iron Gate Hatchery

  • Access from Copco Road
  • Suitable for boating, fishing, and informal shoreline recreation
  • Little earthwork required