Informational Videos

Guardians of the River

If you want to see the Klamath River through the eyes of Indigenous people who are powerfully connected to this vital waterway, we highly recommend “Guardians of the River”, a new film by American Rivers and Swiftwater Films.

Key Food Source

Peter Gensaw emphasizes that gardening is not enough to meet the food needs of the Yurok Tribe.

Key Benefit of Dam Removal

Did you know that some species of fish have been extirpated from the Klamath River, and others are barely hanging on? Creating better conditions for remaining stocks of coho and fall-run Chinook salmon is a key objective of our project!

Importance of Dam Removal

Check out this video to hear why dam removal is so important to Sam Gensaw, a Yurok Tribal member.

Klamath River Flow

Will the Klamath River dry up in the summer when the four lower dams are removed? Watch this quick demonstration video for the answer!

Klamath Dam Removal Restores Fish Habitats

Check out this video to see what dam removal will mean for fish habitats on the Klamath River!

Dam Removal Restores Natural River Flows

Check out this short video to learn how dam removal benefits our fisheries!

Klamath River Water Poses Health Risks

Is the water in the Klamath River safe? Check out this video to learn more!

Stagnant Reservoir Water

Will dam removal improve water quality on the Klamath River?

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