California Trout: Partner Spotlight: An Unprecedented Dam Removal Project

The Klamath River Renewal Corporation (KRRC) is a private, independent nonprofit organization tasked with implementing the largest dam removal and river restoration effort ever performed in the United States – and possibly the world. KRRC is part of a cooperative effort to re-establish the natural vitality of the Klamath River, primarily by removing four hydroelectric dams and restoring the footprint of the reservoirs.   

The heart of KRRC’s mission is the volitional fish passage the entire length of the river, but we expect salmon and steelhead to make it far beyond the KlamathThis is a truly epic project to reopen more than 400 miles of historic habitat that has been blocked for a century. The State of Oregon is already planning for the return of salmon and steelhead to rivers like the Williamson and Sprague.